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Deriving Meaningful Insights

We understand that important decisions in life are made with maps. That's why we undertake to build solutions to unlock the potential of location intelligence.  

From creating digital map applications for visualizing resources in remote locations to real time monitoring of critical assets, we help implement intuitive and interactive systems.  



With the help of powerful new tools, we quickly deliver on demand data from various satellite imagery providers, drones, sensors, web-platforms and mobile devices.  And with the aid of Machine Learning and advanced software tools, we help process massive datasets fast so you get to know WHERE things Happen, WHEN they Happen. 


We are able to solve the world's hardest problems with our mobile solutions. We take the power of geospatial intelligence out of the office and into the field. We harness functionalities as GPS, camera, accelerometer/compass, Near field and text communication protocols to create powerful capabilities to access, update and send information back to associated database. 


At GeoAppsmith, we recognize that important decisions in life are made with maps. Our mapping solutions go beyond the basic 2D orthographic view, to rendering  in "3D', mashed with aerial imegery and Lidar data.  We continue to enable small and large organizations to harness the power of maps  to derive tremendous insight into our changing planet and populations


Our Story

How We Started

Geo.Appsmith is a product of Hack4Farming- a series of agriculture themed hackathons organized by aWhere. Following the 2016 event - which was held at Nairobi iHub - the idea of putting powerful, life-changing data and under-utilized technologies in the hands of people led to the establishment of the company. Geo.Appsmith was formed with the objective of providing meaningful location insights, by developing and deploying simple-to-use, innovative and enjoyable location based applications.

Where We are Today

Today, we are the fastest growing location intelligence company in Kenya. We continue to build solutions that delight.  We also offer consulting services in Data Collection/Acquistion, GIS, Remote Sensing and Mapping. We have  amazing team that enjoys helping clients leverage the power of geographic information to derive meaningful insights from spatial data.

We continue  to support individuals, organizations and communities to understand and experience the full power of geoinformation, data, apps and maps.

Where We are Going

Here is a tip of our future: Working with and for the people who work on the world's hardest problems. We are partnering with leading geospatial solutions provider Luciad to bring to East Africa software that power the world’s mission critical operations.


We come from diverse background but we all love Data, Apps and Maps.

Vincent Onkundi


Sarah Kemunto


Douglas Mbura


Josphat Omari


Would you like to be part of this awesome team?


See Our Work


DSW Mapping Project

In 2017, we started a very ambitious project with Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) to levarage the power of geographic infomation (GIS) in health-care by collecting data and building an interactive online web-map of youth clubs and youth centers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.


Biodiversity Digita Map

We have worked with iNaturalist in on a Biodiversity Mapping Project (Validation of Global Terrestrial Map- data of birds, mammals, amphibians and other taxa). The objective to record, organize and share the validated information by providing GIS-ready datasets.


Data Mining & Sentiment Analysis

We are helping a client on a powerful data minining project, with a view of providing real-time location visualization and sentiment analytics from Twitter Api using open-source data mining tools and other powerful real-time bigdata visualization software.


Thank you for Walking With Us


We are looking for talented individuals/entrepreneurial people who have a knack for shipping software with great user experiences. 


Physical Address

Geo Appsmith,
@ Nairobi Garage, Westlands
The Mirage Towers, Chiromo Road, Nairobi KENYA.


M:  0720616945 / 0772317202